Cheap 3d

For a project, I wanted to have quickly a virtual reality 3d head mounted display. I wish I could have this, or even this, but they aren’t released yet and their price are quite expensive (At least for minor experiment like mine).

It’s easy : 7 inches display, two macros (x10, 52mm) to obtain a closer look of the screen and black paper to divide the screen. We get a full 3d vision, with a resolution of your screen divide by 2 (400px/400px in my case, yeah, it’s not as good as 720p). This hack is good if you already have parts, 200 dollars is a little hard to spend just for that – fun, yes, but – bad quality.

2 thoughts on “Cheap 3d

  1. Intéressant, pratique et ingénieux ! Le blog est très instructif en général, vraiment sympa. Je me posais quand même une question, “avec quel appareil sont prises les photos ?” Parce qu’elle sont très belles !

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